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Electronic Press Kit




Origin:  Los Angeles, CA / Italy


Genres:  Rock, Alternative, Grunge


Years Active:  2009- Present


Label:  Alfa Music - Pop & Roll




Mother Mary Mood is an rock/alternative rock band based in San Diego, Ca formed by the two brothers Lorenzo and Filippo Spanò, Marco Formosa, Marco Mantini and Alessandro Beltrame (relocating from Italy) . They started playing in California after meeting Tony Olmos (from Rosewood five) who led them into some gigs around San Diego and Las Vegas. Mother Mary Mood is not a band to be taken lightly both in sound and in attitude. This group of four pack a real rock sound that is heavy without alienating the general music fan, while able to slow it down. Mother Mary Mood has the appeal of Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters, hard hitting and just great riffs. They are able to create a dynamic in rock that is not often seen, and is a testament to their songwriting talent. What makes this band a great rock band is the listener can listen to one sound after another without being bored, and without them straying from their identity. With songs you can had bang to, sing along with, and feel through, Mother Mary Mood is a band with talent not too often seen in this era of rock.


Last Album

Tech Rider

Label: Alfa Music - Pop & Roll


Management: Marco Mantini |